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Radiation Levels

Based on studies of population concentrations, prevailing wind currents and Three Mile Island's technical specifications, the EFMR Monitoring Group installed real-time radiation monitors around the Three Mile Island nuclear power station.

The ST-10 monitors are connected to a central computer and send counts back every minute. The data is cryptographically signed by the radiation monitor and a receipt is kept for each transmission to prove its place and time of origin. The data is stored in a database on the server and can be accessed by any authorized computer.

If the radiation level exceeds a preset alarm level the administrator is alerted via text message. The software allows the data to be displayed as tables, graphs or readings on a diagram or map. The data can be viewed on a desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone.

The map below reflects average radiation counts based on recent ten minute intervals. At this writing our database contains over 5 million entries - one entry for each minute of each day for each radiation monitor.

Manual (PDF)

Average CPM: 1.42
as of 2:36 pm EST on Sat Aug 18, 2018

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